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An Outstanding Experience

The success of the company and uniqueness of the Tan FX brand proved to be an ideal franchising concept. Since November 2002, franchised Tan FX locations have been opening across the prairie provinces, providing guests across the prairies with the service and atmosphere consistent with the original vision created.

Tan FX’s continued growth ensures that incoming franchisees are afforded the opportunity to take advantage of the company’s buildout experience and unparalleled construction standards. Tan FX’s corporate team provides a true turnkey experience for incoming franchisees which oversees salon buildouts, staging, and onsite training for owners and staff. Franchisee’s can also follow Tan FX’s step-by-step buildout guide to construct their very own salon.

Tan FX has experienced many growth opportunities through the individual franchisees who make this brand a success. The Tan FX family and group of companies care deeply about the strength of the brand and the people who they employ. This collaboration drives the Tan FX organization and achieves continued franchise growth.

Tan FX’s strong brand and corporate support combined with the ease of daily operations for all ownership groups, have facilitated the introduction of new business owners into the Tan FX system as franchisees. Tan FX’s growth plan includes an expansion across all Canadian provincial borders with an exciting bilingual rebrand in the works for Quebec.

In addition to branching out across Canada, Tan FX Tanning Studio & Boutique would like to make their solid business model available to franchisees in the United States, expanding throughout North America.